Comfortably, Uncomfortable: Not Another Running Story

We don’t do small talk. Conversations get real when we are outdoors.These are the conversations that are started outside, and continue inside. Join us while we continue the discussions and keep it real, honest, kind, and truthful.

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Sunday May 21, 2023

Sunday May 21, 2023

Sean and Meghan talk STRESS. They discuss how they deal with stress and how stress manifests in their lives. Sean discusses his training as both stress relief and an increased source of stress. Meghan and Sean discuss being introverted or extroverted and its role in stress manifestation and management. Meghan shares a story about how kids can ruin the best laid plans. Digression go into records and concerts and other musical nonsense.
Come see Meghan this week! Meghan will be racing and supporting ZenduranceNow Team Members. Check out  Come and support or cheer or both! 
Outtake Song: "Violet" Hole

Sunday May 07, 2023

Sean and Meg sit down to talk about getting to and from races and how to prep and travel. Sean provides an initial race recap of Traprock 50k and intro to the race season. The discussions set out on how to pick and choose crew and pacers and what expectations should be for both support team and racer. Sourcing from personal experiences they go over what works and what hasn’t. They discuss the importance of redundancy and planning for the worst while hoping for the best. Their experience and stories range from 200+ mile trail races, adventure races, bike races, and obstacle races. Traveling locally vice across or out of the country. If you have thought about how to best logistically plan your race this podcast can probably help.
Outtake song: "What's My Age Again," Blink 182

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Meghan and Sean welcome Coach John Harris to the podcast. John is a long time member of the ZenduranceNow crew. He is a Navy Veteran, coach, podcaster, cancer survivor, and all around solid human. We discuss trauma, endurance sports, exercise, and recovery. John delves into how he came into sport and his identity within it and how it is evolving as he is healing.
To connect with John: and
Outtake song: "Half Drunk Under a Full Moon," The Fratellis

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Before you start singing Queen and Bowie sit down with Sean and Meghan as they discuss pressure. Speaking from both personal experiences in life, racing, and in professional capacities they walk through some common manifestations of personal anxiety. The delve into how they address issues within themselves and while coaching. As a bonus Meg has Sean do some breathing exercises used to lower anxiety. It might be exciting to the listener as it creates a pseudo ASMR session, or not. Now don’t be confused there is plenty of side tracking and tangential conversations along the way. Kick back and “just relax” with our little podcast.
Outtake Song: Sturgill Simpson, "Keep it Between the Lines"

Monday Apr 03, 2023

Meghan, Sean, and Sam get together to discuss goals and struggles that they are going through. Amongst the chaos of their typical conversation Sean gets a little punchy but it’s counter balanced by Sam’s zen persona. Meg continues to try to keep the train on the tracks and the discussions to the goals and struggles topic despite Sean’s typical banter. Everyone brings two goals and two struggles to the table to converse over. 
Outtake Song: Flogging Molly, "If I Ever Leave This World Alive"

Monday Mar 06, 2023

Meghan and Sean sit down with Vinny Capp from Happily Running They discuss how Sean met Vinny and through his involvement with Laurel Highlands and putting on that race during the pandemic. Vinny has been involved in the race community for many years and we have discussions about how he got into long distance Race Directing and running. Vinny puts on several races and has just recently acquired Virgil Crest from Red Newt racing. Virgil Crest has changed many years and so has the course. We talk a little about the logistics of the race and course. Please check out Happily Running and support their awesome races. 
You can find Vinny on Instagram at:
Facebook at:
Outtake Song: Idles, "Television" 

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Meghan and Sean welcome fellow coach Mindy Randall from Forward Motion Run Coaching. Mindy is a fellow endurance junkie and has crossed paths with Meghan over the past 6+ years. Sean and Mindy also discover that they are both training for the Jigger Johnson Ultramarathon in August. Mindy talks about her journey as a mid-pack runner, to veterinary medicine, to coach. She tells us how she coaches her athletes and talks to us about women specific research and endurance sports.
Check Mindy out of social media: and
Mindy’s outtake song: Long May You Run, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Meghan, Sean, and Sam each play songs that they love. The group talks about the songs and laughter commences.
Playlist for you to decide for yourself: 
Thin Lizzy Cowboy Song
James McMurtry Choctaw Bingo
Rob Zombie What Naughty Cheerleader
Shane Smith and The Saint Fire in the Ocean
Infamous String Dusters Gravity
4 Non Blondes Whats Up
Turnstile the Mystery
John Mellencamp Key West Intermezzo
Greta Van Fleet Black Smoke Rising
Dead Co Friend of the Devil
Darlingside God of Loss
Sponge Molly, Sixteen Candles
Trampled by Turtles Starting Over
Hot Tuna Watch the North Wind
Eric Clapton Forever Man
The Pogues Body Of an American
Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn My Comfort Remains
John Hiatt Have a little Faith (outtake song)


Monday Jan 23, 2023

Monday Jan 23, 2023

Meghan and Sean talk cults. The discussions center around fitness and diet related cults. They talk about their personal experiences with in and around these cults as a layers on the fitness world. Sean discusses some of his dietary changes that were derived from cult like diet systems. Meghan tell some stories of her cultish experiences with yoga. They both address issues that arrive with coach worship and gurus and how they avoid these traps in their coaching. 
Outtake Song: "Fire Woman" The Cult

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Sometimes in the course of a podcast Meghan or Sean will get distracted and veer hard off topic. This episode is really no different. Meg and Sean catch up a little after his vacation. They then go and address some listener submitted questions: recovering from illness and training, how to come back after a long layoff, staying motivated as a back of the pack runner. Meg goes hard after the idea of motivation. A couple of movies are addressed these are their links if you want to watch them. Movie links: Unbreakable: The Western States 100 -, A Life In A Day - Sean brings up Matt Fitzgerald’s book How Bad Do You Want It? Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle and discusses some points in regard to this topic as addressed in the book. The topic shifts towards the first two questions Meg addresses her personal experiences within these two areas. The conversation takes a hard pivot after a small interruption and they talk a little about music and Yellowstone. 
Outtake song: "The Good I'll Do" Zach Bryan


Please, Not Another Running Story!

Endurance athletes love to talk about their sport and experiences. And, we know, not everyone wants to hear yet another story. This podcast taps into the real conversations, ideas, and real feelings that come up when we feel safe. We aim create a space so we can continue to have real discussions that you actually want to hear.


Meghan Fanning and Sean Meehan 

Meghan and Sean are both coaches with ZenduranceNow. Meghan and Sean truly love each each other, but disagree a lot. With the exception of one incident while Sean was pacing Meghan in a 72 hour race, it's never gotten ugly and never will again. Respect comes from participation in endurance sports and that continues to the podcast. 

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