Comfortably, Uncomfortable: Not Another Running Story

We don’t do small talk. Conversations get real when we are outdoors.These are the conversations that are started outside, and continue inside. Join us while we continue the discussions and keep it real, honest, kind, and truthful.

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Monday Sep 12, 2022

Meghan and Sean have a catch up conversation. It’s been a little bit since Sean and Meg were able to converse. They dive right into old school phone sex and sex worker discussion. Seems pretty normal. Will Meghan run a marathon, will she be able to qualify for Boston? We talk a little about her recovery from her surgery and progressing towards goals going forward. We discuss the importance of building and the consistency required to progress towards healthy goals. About respecting the process of recovery and understanding where she is “right now” vice where she was prior to this recovery. Continuing the catch up we discuss meeting “running celebrities” and how Meghan ran into Joan Benoit Samuelson while on vacation in Maine. Eventually we come around to Dean Karnazes suspicious coyote attack story. Sean talks about his training and what happened on his Fastpack of the New England Trail Mass Section. He discusses how sometimes pulling the plug is the right decision in the context of training and with guidance from his coach. Silly talk about seal and dolphins, t-shirts vs sleeveless, handhelds, practicing with poles. Sean talks about changing jobs to a full time dayshift job and leaving shift work. An finally kids don’t forget reading is fundamental!

Monday Aug 29, 2022

Meghan and Sean get together and chat with Sara Simmons a long time ZenduranceNow athlete. Sara is coached by Sean and explains how that came about. She also delves into how her perceptions of her abilities has changed while being coached by ZenduranceNow coaches. She explains her past experiences and injury history and how our initial focus was getting her to be able to perform healthy. Sara explains the benefits of coaching as she has experienced them. As a bonus Sara and Meghan reminisce about how their friendship blossomed under the stresses of crewing for Sean during the VT100.

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Meghan and Sean sit down and check in with friend and runner Joshua White. Josh is a ultra runner living in Vermont where he resides as a Chief Medical Officer in a local hospital. Josh discusses with us his practices for homesteading and how he utilizes his land, animals, and provides for his family through hunting, farming, and foraging. Josh explains how and why he chose this lifestyle and how it impacts his family and their daily lives. Discussions as usual breakdown into the bizarre and nonsensical. As the chief medical officer in a hospital we discuss with Josh the Covid pandemic and look for his thoughts and insights from the rural medical point of view. How Covid changed the demographics of hospitals staffing and the complications that have arisen from that. We further discuss vaccinations and boosters as we move into the endemic phase and where he see’s life going from this and their daily lives. Discussions as usual breakdown into the bizarre and nonsensical. As the chief medical officer in a hospital we discuss with Josh the Covid pandemic and look for his thoughts and insights from the rural medical point of view. How Covid changed the demographics of hospitals staffing and the complications that have arisen from that. We further discuss vaccinations and boosters as we move into the endemic phase and where he see’s life going from this point.

Monday Aug 01, 2022

Sean and Meghan talk mental health and fitness. This includes: the connection between mind and body and the stigma that exists around mental health and how this is changing as education becomes more prevalent. The importance of empathy and compassion while dealing with mental health is stressed. Meghan and Sean discuss some of their personal experiences dealing with those with mental health problems. They also discuss the impact of COVID on mental health and how exercise can help alleviate many of the issues that arise from mental health problems and ways to incorporate exercise into our daily lives to improve emotional well being. While exercise can generally be healthy there is certainly issues that exist with disordered exercise. Learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin and not to be defined by a single aspect of one’s activity. Fellowship and community are helpful with combating issues associated with depression and other mental health disorders. Feeling not alone. Get outside and talk to someone if you are struggling, it may be what saves your life.

Monday Jul 18, 2022

When you spend a lot of time outside weird things are bound to occur- right? At least this is what Sean and Meghan are telling themselves. Please join us for our listener submitted stories. We laugh a lot and there's a lot of head shaking. Here's a list of the stories that were told:
John Lennon
Death Race Hallucinations
Sean’s Virgil Crest
Matt’s poop story
Rick Vomit at Infinitus
Rick DNF’s stories cut 18:47-21:07
Fernando Chases a girl
Chest bumps gone aray
Sean goes out too fast again (Bart Yasso sightings)
Meg gets struck by lightning
Sprinklers can be dangerous (Jesse and sewage)
Whips and mattresses
Cold weather streaker
Watermelons and paranoia
Carrying logs (Michele Roy)
Pooping in snowbanks
Troll toll
Zebras in VT
Scooby- Doo glow sticks
Weird stuff happens in FL
Outtake Song: "Alabama" - Cross Canadian Ragweed

Monday Jul 04, 2022

The whole gang is together for the first time on the podcast! Welcome to Sam Farnsworth the third ZenduranceNow coach. Sam joins us to talk about how he came into the endurance world and how we all came together as a team at ZenduranceNow. Sam explains his metamorphosis through several careers to where he is now. He explains what makes his massage therapy practice different form other therapist. The discussions then digress towards the importance of recovery, proper mobility and strength practice, experiences with raw emotions and gratitude in endurance events, willingness to continue and sharing space and miles as a coping mechanism in ultras, and touch on wether we are predisposed and different to be the way we are or it’s something that is learned through experience. Sam brings us round to his current training for Vermont 100 and the charity work he does raising money for Vermont Adaptive and what Vermont Adaptive provides for those in need. Sam chose this weeks out song Jerry by John Melancamp. 
If you’d like to make an appointment with Sam for massage therapy he can be found here:
If you’d like to learn more about Vermont Adaptive and possibly donate towards Sam’s goal that can be done here:
And here is a link to Sam’s YouTube channel:

Monday Jun 20, 2022

Marshall Collins (aka Meghan's Dad) the OG of Running
Meghan and Sean sit down with Meghan’s father Marshall Collins on his birthday and talk running from his perspective. He shares with us humbling stories and humor, beating Amby Burfoot only to realize Amby was at a distinct disadvantage, trying to beat legendary Patti Catalano, and unfortunately sharing the same track as Olympic medal winner Rick Wohlhuter. We dive into his thoughts on the Boston Marathon, Meghan as a Cross Country racer, and kids at and in races. He shares with us his thoughts on the sport today and trail and ultra running vs. road and marathon running. He leaves us with a beautiful memory of his favorite run. *Note: Marshall had COVID during the recording of this episode so please excuse the coughs and occasionally connection difficulties

Monday Jun 06, 2022

Meghan and Sean talk about trends in the endurance sports world and life as whole. Some are exciting, some are bothersome. There are some rants and there may be some careless whispers you’ll have to listen to hear. 
The trends we discuss during this podcast are:
1) Outdoor Apparel as fashion
2) Training women as women
3) Is the hundred mile distance the new marathon?
4) Speakerphone phone talkers
5) The death of the album
6) Technology and social media in sport 
Of course there will be many side bars and digressions, per the usual Meghan and Sean. 

Monday May 30, 2022

Talking about life and shootin’ the sh*t. Meghan catches us up on the status of her recovery from her most recent surgery, how she’s doing, and her feelings about PT and recovery. The discussions dissolve into conversations about recent concerts and Covid. They talk about Meghan’s injury, Sean’s allergies, bomb threats, shooter drills, and the helplessness of it all. They also chat about whale sounds, Chewbacca, and Civil War re-enactments. Conversations wrap up with discussions about biking, bikes, and the irony of Meghan being forced to bike because of the very thing that caused her injury in the first place.
Outtake song: Disruption from Get Dead.

Monday May 16, 2022

Music is LIFE!
Meghan and Sean talk about their top 6 current songs. Use this link for ZenduranceNow Apple Music Playlist:
Sean’s corrections:
Linkin Park singer is Chester Bennington 
Anthrax and Public Enemy Bring the Noise not Anthrax and Run DMC 
The make a wish child was 16 yr old Kenny Sykaluk, and Only the Young was released on Journey’s Warrior Album in 1984
Meghan has no corrections because Sean does the editing and Meghan doesn’t remember that far back. If she said anything in error, let us know and we’ll fix it.
2:20 Rose Tattoo
7:33 Raise Hell
12:58 Only The Young
19:57 Road to Ensenada
25:52 Get It Together
30:14 Easy on Yourself
36:03 Bleed it Out
43:21 Head
47:20 Joker and the Thief
51:55 Ragged Mile
1:00:57 Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
1:08:40 Hot Blooded
1:15:05 Outro


Please, Not Another Running Story!

Endurance athletes love to talk about their sport and experiences. And, we know, not everyone wants to hear yet another story. This podcast taps into the real conversations, ideas, and real feelings that come up when we feel safe. We aim create a space so we can continue to have real discussions that you actually want to hear.


Meghan Fanning and Sean Meehan 

Meghan and Sean are both coaches with ZenduranceNow. Meghan and Sean truly love each each other, but disagree a lot. With the exception of one incident while Sean was pacing Meghan in a 72 hour race, it's never gotten ugly and never will again. Respect comes from participation in endurance sports and that continues to the podcast. 

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