Comfortably, Uncomfortable: Not Another Running Story

We don’t do small talk. Conversations get real when we are outdoors.These are the conversations that are started outside, and continue inside. Join us while we continue the discussions and keep it real, honest, kind, and truthful.

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Monday May 16, 2022

Our very first podcast is born! Welcome! Sean and Meghan talk about where their lives are now, why this podcast is important, and they make a decent attempt to recreate the conversations they have during long runs. Outtake song: Drive by Truckers, We Ain’t Never Gonna Change

Monday May 16, 2022

Meghan and Sean explore the ins and outs of the consistency required to train for endurance events. There is no magic pill to training, training sometimes requires an athlete to grind it out. Making excuses and turning into a weekend warrior only leads to disappointment and injury. The social mediaziation of endurance athletics isn’t the real story. The real story is the grit involved in the training. The tears and blood shed on the trails are the truths that Meghan and Sean address. Being disciplined  is important for the results one is looking for. At times the priorities need to be adjusted to suit life’s requirements. Sometimes short term adjustments need to be made and we’d rather see a something done than an all or nothing approach to training. Finally, if you’re unsure if you want that commitment, go check out an event, see if it’s a community you want to be a part of. Just know nothing is free and it all takes grit. Outtake song: Greensky Bluegrass, Living Over

Monday May 16, 2022

Music is LIFE! Meghan and Sean talk about their top 6 current songs. Use this link for ZenduranceNow Apple Music Playlist: Sean’s corrections: Linkin Park singer is Chester Bennington  Anthrax and Public Enemy Bring the Noise not Anthrax and Run DMC  The make a wish child was 16 yr old Kenny Sykaluk, and Only the Young was released on Journey’s Warrior Album in 1984 Meghan has no corrections because Sean does the editing and Meghan doesn’t remember that far back. If she said anything in error, let us know and we’ll fix it. Intro   2:20 Rose Tattoo 7:33 Raise Hell 12:58 Only The Young 19:57 Road to Ensenada 25:52 Get It Together 30:14 Easy on Yourself 36:03 Bleed it Out 43:21 Head 47:20 Joker and the Thief 51:55 Ragged Mile 1:00:57 Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) 1:08:40 Hot Blooded 1:15:05 Outro   Apple: Spotify:

Monday May 30, 2022

Talking about life and shootin’ the sh*t. Meghan catches us up on the status of her recovery from her most recent surgery, how she’s doing, and her feelings about PT and recovery. The discussions dissolve into conversations about recent concerts and Covid. They talk about Meghan’s injury, Sean’s allergies, bomb threats, shooter drills, and the helplessness of it all. They also chat about whale sounds, Chewbacca, and Civil War re-enactments. Conversations wrap up with discussions about biking, bikes, and the irony of Meghan being forced to bike because of the very thing that caused her injury in the first place. Outtake song: Disruption from Get Dead.

Monday Jun 06, 2022

Meghan and Sean talk about trends in the endurance sports world and life as whole. Some are exciting, some are bothersome. There are some rants and there may be some careless whispers you’ll have to listen to hear.    The trends we discuss during this podcast are: 1) Outdoor Apparel as fashion 2) Training women as women 3) Is the hundred mile distance the new marathon? 4) Speakerphone phone talkers 5) The death of the album 6) Technology and social media in sport    Of course there will be many side bars and digressions, per the usual Meghan and Sean. 

7 days ago

Marshall Collins (aka Meghan's Dad) the OG of Running   Meghan and Sean sit down with Meghan’s father Marshall Collins on his birthday and talk running from his perspective. He shares with us humbling stories and humor, beating Amby Burfoot only to realize Amby was at a distinct disadvantage, trying to beat legendary Patti Catalano, and unfortunately sharing the same track as Olympic medal winner Rick Wohlhuter. We dive into his thoughts on the Boston Marathon, Meghan as a Cross Country racer, and kids at and in races. He shares with us his thoughts on the sport today and trail and ultra running vs. road and marathon running. He leaves us with a beautiful memory of his favorite run. *Note: Marshall had COVID during the recording of this episode so please excuse the coughs and occasionally connection difficulties


Please, Not Another Running Story!

Endurance athletes love to talk about their sport and experiences. And, we know, not everyone wants to hear yet another story. This podcast taps into the real conversations, ideas, and real feelings that come up when we feel safe. We aim create a space so we can continue to have real discussions that you actually want to hear.


Meghan Fanning and Sean Meehan 

Meghan and Sean are both coaches with ZenduranceNow. Meghan and Sean truly love each each other, but disagree a lot. With the exception of one incident while Sean was pacing Meghan in a 72 hour race, it's never gotten ugly and never will again. Respect comes from participation in endurance sports and that continues to the podcast. 

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